Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Creativity run mad...

Get your Hardin sig here:
(Right click any image and select 'Save picture as')


Mertannia said...

Hi there - I noticed from the Infozone thread that you're running for a place on the CSM. I'm relatively new to EVE but still very interested in the potential that the CSM concept has. I have put some questions on my blog that I believe will not only help inform my opinion on who to vote for, but for many members of the community as well.

I don't mind if you'd prefer to answer the questions on your own site, but it would be great if you could include a link to your answers as a comment on my blog so I can see who has responded.

The link to the blog is here:

Many thanks,


Hardin said...

Answers posted on your blog! :-)

Else said...

Pls make one that says "Republic loyalists for Hardin".

Anonymous said...

Please make a sig saying "Hardin and fast out" - showing a pic of a frigate running through a battleship or something like that.

Or maybe a guy running through an office dropping off a fat report on the desk.

Love the 40k sig :)