Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Hardin - A FAQ

Why is Hardin running?

I am running because I love this game and I want to see it get better. The issues that led to the creation of the Council of Stellar Management did damage the credibility of EVE and CCP and I had several friends who quit in disgust. While that episode is in the past now, I want to ensure that such events never occur again and believe that we, as players, should sieze this opportunity to actively scrutinise CCP's operations.

Why vote for Hardin?

I believe I have the qualities necessary to make a good CSM representative and I hope that at least some of you believe that too :-)

In brief, I have experienced both the 0.0 and Empire elements of this game. I have been involved in both the 'small gang' and 'big blob' elements of PvP. I have been taken part in both attacking and defending POSes. I have spent months mining, I have spent months mission whoring, I have spent months NPCing and I have spent even more months PvPing. All of this gives me a broad overview of game mechanics and how EVE operates (although I have to admit I wouldn't know one end of a BPC from the other :P)

I have also taken an active involvement in other 'out of game' EVE related activities. I organised the first ever EVE meet in London back in 2004 and have attended pretty much every one since. I have also been to EVE meets in places as diverse as Amsterdam, Prague, Copenhagen, Nijmegen and Southampton o_O

Ingame, I operate probably the best known and respected alliance creation service. The numerous references and comments from happy customers ( ) are testimony to my honesty and ability to get things done.

I am a member of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and am proud to be so. The CVA is one of only a handful of NRDS (Not Red Dont Shoot) alliances currently controlling space in EVE and has spent the past four years developing Providence into probably the most neutral friendly region of 0.0. We support neither side in the 'Great War' and I have no issues or axe to grind in relation to any other alliance or player group. (although I honestly do not expect to win much support from either Ushra'Khan or Star Fraction :P)

With regards to 'roleplay' I will be the first to admit that I am probably not the best roleplayer in EVE nor the most consistent, but I respect what roleplay brings to this game and, if I am fortunate enough to gain your support, I will ensure that roleplay/storyline issues are highlighted to CCP.

Out of game I am a Director of a small business based in Wimbledon, UK. I also have previous 'scrutiny' experience having spent four years serving as a local Councillor in London.

In summary, I believe I have the experience both in and out of game to do a good job in representing the EVE playerbase in Iceland.

Oh and... Amarr Victor!

Hardin has a real life job can he spare the time?

I have already booked those days off as holiday time. If selected I will ensure that I also spend more time online and be accessible in the evenings so that players can contact me with any issues or questions they would like me to highlight with CCP.

The CVA is only a small alliance does Hardin really expect to get elected?

I wouldn't be standing if I didn't think there was a good chance that I would get elected. Whilst the CVA is only a small alliance (and I am not even taking their votes for granted :P) I have made many friends and allies in EVE during my five years playing the game and believe I can count on a lot of support across the galaxy. I believe I offer a strong 'neutral' option for anyone worried about the CSM being dominated by members of the mega-blocks.

Is Hardin standing because he wants a free trip to Iceland?

While Icelandic babes, hospitality, geysers and fermented shark are all legendary I am quite happy to pay for these pleasures myself :p. I am not looking for a 'free trip'. I fully intend to attend this year's Fanfest whether or not I get chosen for the CSM!

Is Hardin biaised?

Yes. I think anyone who says they are not biaised should be shot as a liar right now. There are things in my EVE history and how I play the game which have influenced my perspective on certain things. These perceptions could be regarded as 'bias' but similarly can simply be seen as my point of view. While I do believe I am open-minded and open to new ideas (as every Amarrian should :p) I will be honest and say that I am not a blank page and that I will not automatically endorse every idea suggested to me in an effort to win this election. That said I am in general an amiable chap and will judge every idea on its merits - not on the basis of which person or alliance proposed it.

Is Hardin only standing for the prestige of the position?

Again I think it would be disingenous for anyone standing to say that ego and prestige did not play some part in their decision to stand. After all the chance to be elected and represent over 200,000 people is not one that comes along every day! However, while that is all good, the fact remains that this is an opportunity for the players of EVE to really get an insight into how CCP operates, to scrutinise those operations and to have an opportunity to improve things. That is my prime motivator.


I will answer additional questions and provide further information as the campaign progresses...


CamelKnight said...

Hardin 4 president. 'Nuff said.

Hugh Hefner said...

You got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Amaah victor!

Omber Zombie said...

lmao, nice pics man :)

Smak said...

Hi Hardin,

I'm currently setting up an EVE-related link directory and have come across your nice blog. I would like to add your blog to my link directory, if you allow me to, so I kindly ask for your permission.

You can also add your site by yourself by using the following link: .

After submitting, you will be provided with a custom password to edit your entry at any given time.

I would be happy, if the EVE cmmunity can find your site on! I guess this can also be interesting for your oncoming election :P

If you should have further questions, please drop me a line, I will be happy to answer.

Kindest regards,


Hardin said...

Go right ahead...

Loyal Servant said...

Instead of spamming your inbox in game, what do you plan on doing in response to isk farmers/buyers/sellers?

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Hardin, you'll get my vote.


Anonymous said...

Hardin gets my vote. Even if you are not CVA, PIE, etc, Hardin represents an excellent cross section of what player experiences will be needed to adequately represent the community with CCP.

And well, hey, Amarr rocks. Hardest to play, hardest to be, CVA space is the most unique of 0.0.

Hardin for CSM. Amarr Victor.

-Mal Kehrehb

Hardin said...

Thanks for the nice comments chaps.

In response to Loyal Servant's question regarding ISK farmers/buyers/sellers:

I am aware of the issue and have petitioned CCP over it on several occasions particularly as macro haulers was a major issue around CVA space.

If fortunate enough to be elected I will work with the other CSM delegates to learn more about what CCP are already doing to tackle the issue and that they are made aware of major player concerns regarding what appears to be lack of action on this issue...

Anonymous said...

No chance mate...

You're a Liverpool supporter. 'nuff said! :p

Hardin said...

Is that Vyktor? :p

Anonymous said...

"I am a member of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and am proud to be so. The CVA is the only NRDS (Not Red Dont Shoot) alliance currently controlling space in EVE"

Yeah, Sylph don't control space do they...

I went to your site first as TBH I figured of the names I know (and I must say there are very few on the candidate list that anyone has heard about) you may be the best option but with such a lack of information for one of your closest allies... Well.

Maestro Ulv.
Vice Diplomat for Sylph Alliance.

Hardin said...

Actually I do know Sylph are NRDS but simply made a mistake in putting all this stuff together so rapidly.

I had meant to change it last week but forgot as had other things to do.

Sorry that it seems to have offended you so much!

Anonymous said...

And for the apology, I thank you on behalf of Sylph.

I can understand how information can be posted wrongly when under pressure etc and how easy it is to check and double check yet still miss it! to not to so would make you less human than the rest of us.

I look forward to the rest of your campaign and salute your effort no matter the outcome.

Maestro Ulv,
Vice Diplomat for Sylph Alliance.

Nachshon said...

For whatever it's worth, Hardin, you have my endorsement. This EM missile jock is voting for you!

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly support Hardin in his bid for this position being a firm ally and have had numerous talks with him and think he would be an outstanding representative of the game

Sylph President

Komaito said...

I'd vote for him if he wasn't amarr

Anonymous said...

You have my vote, and I fly for CRMSN!

Anonymous said...

hmmm im still tinking weather to vote for either you or jade much as i dont particulary like jade he does have some good ideas ...the jury is still out alas